Are You Being Served?



Are You Being Served?

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During the last edition of the meetingdays Verbindingen/Jonctions in December 2013 we invited a team of ’dedicated notetakers’ to document the workshops and lectures using the collective platform Etherpad.
The 14th edition of Verbindingen/Jonctions was dedicated to a feminist review of mesh- cloud- autonomous- and D.I.Y. servers during four intense meetingdays mixing lectures, screenings, performances, discussions and workshops.


This collective publication ’Are You Being Served’ was realised by the team of dedicated notetakers: Marloes De Valk, Madeleine Aktipy, Anne Laforet, An Mertens; with the joyful support of Michaela Lakova, Reni Hofmüller and Femke Snelting. The design and the collective tool Ethertoff were provided by Open Source Publishing: Stephanie Vilayphiou and Eric Schrijver.
The perfect work environment for this was offered by De Pianofabriek KWP.