Interference: Reader



Interference: Reader

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Interference has been a 3-day gathering in Amsterdam bringing together a broad range of theories and practices that shared a critical approach to society and technology.
As part of the event, a reader was prepared bundling a number of these perspectives as they were contributed by the event’s participants.

The reader has been designed via the CSS print styles applied to the webpage of the event’s program, and a collection of workarounds were
used to tweak the limitations of browser interpretation so that the drupal page structure would be printed out in book-like format.
The resulting book has been risographed and velo-bound autonomously during the event, in an edition of 150, and distributed to the
participants to spread the echoes of the discussions that took place during the event.

Design, Edition, Production: Interference Crew
Contributions: A, N and D Collective, aharon, Janneke Belt and Paulan Korenhof, Critisticuffs, Michael Dizon, Kittens Editorial Collective, Maxigas, Hannes Mehnert, Luis Rodil-Fernández, Jonas Söderberg, XLTerrestrials
Cover Design: Anton Stuckardt