16 Case stories, re-imagining the practice of layout



16 Case stories, re-imagining the practice of layout

Download the book: https://gitlab.constantvzw.org/lgru/co-position-catalog/raw/master/facsimile/digital-catalog.pdf

16 Case stories is a catalogue put together as part of an attempt to rethink lay-out tools, and features case stories that range
from historical to present, on to the imaginary and speculative. The ‘camera-ready copy’ of this book was created on a pen plotter: this has
required a rethinking of the workflow, including a special font stack built upon engraving tools, to be able to use stroke based fonts.

Tools: Active Archives, Libre Office, Inkscape, Custom Herschey Inkscape plugin, Roland pen plotter, laser printer, glue and scissors.
Printing: Risograph and Roland Pen Plotter.
Compiled and edited by: Colm O’Neill, Femke Snelting, Gijs de Heij, Pierre Huyghebaert, Pierre Marchand
Design: Colm O’Neill, Pierre Huyghebaert